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Welcome to Balanced Nutrition

With a science background in both food and medicine and a focus on nutrition and dietetics we are dedicated to healing your relationship with food.​ We provide evidenced based advice that actually works. 

Talia Novos Talia Braun

Meet Our Founder, Talia Novos

Talia Novos is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Scientist with over a decade of experience in the science field in both food and medicine. She is dedicated to helping adults and children achieve their long-term nutrition goals and aims to provide evidence-based advice to change the way people interact with food. At Balanced Nutrition, we believe in a comprehensive and personalised approach to nutrition, addressing individual needs and goals with a focus on compassionate support and evidence-based guidance. Let us help you achieve your health and wellness goals!


Masters Degree - Nutrition and Dietetics ​

Masters Degree Science (Forensic Studies)​

Bachelors Degree - Science (Biochemistry) 


Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD), Accredited FODMAP Dietician


Certificate in Fussy eaters - Paediatrics

​Certificate in Fertility Nutrition

Certificate in Paediatric Nutrition for Dietitians


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